The Indianapolis Colts were willing to make Peyton Manning the highest paid player in the NFL.  Manning settled for a tie with Tom Brady. Colts owner Jim Irsay knew objective number one after the lockout ended was locking up his franchise quarterback for five more years.  Irsay offered a 5 year $100 million dollar deal, but Manning settled for a bargain basement $90 million.

I don't think anyone would put number 18 in the same realm as Mother Teresa, but there is something to be said for what he did (which is why I chose to blog about it).  I'm sure Manning respected Irsay's gesture to make him the highest paid player in the game, but realized locking down key free agents like Joseph Addai and left tackle Charlie Johnson is more important.

With his 42,000 endorsement deals, Manning won't be hurting for money anytime soon.