It has been a great season on the field for the Oklahoma Sooners. Despite the team's 5-0 record heading into today's Red River Shootout against Texas, all is not well in Norman. But it has nothing to do with the football team. Instead it has everything to do with the group of performers who belt out "Boomer Sooner" after every touchdown. A group of Oklahoma fans are so upset with first-year band director, Justin Stolarik that they've rented a $600 billboard on I-30 near Fair Park to bring attention to the problem.

How can one individual ruin one of the most well-respected college bands? Apparently it started this summer when a video of the band's practices went up on their alumni Facebook page. The clip showed changes to the pregame routine and an unpolished sound. Since then, Stolarik has come under repeated attack for attempting to change the Sooners' sound. According to the Dallas Morning News, questionable song choices and marching styles are at the root of the problem. Things are so bad that the entire tuba section protested by refusing to attend a recent practice.

Maybe the real problem with Stolarik is his education. Despite coming over from the University of Wisconsin where he served as assistant band director, Stolarik has a master’s degree and a doctorate in percussion performance from the University of Texas. That's right Sooners fans, a dreaded T-sip is your new band director. I wonder if Stolarik will be smiling at the Cotton Bowl every time the Longhorns score against Oklahoma. Just don't expect to hear The Eyes of Texas" from the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band.