Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.  Today's show includes a discussion about the NFL playoffs, as well as a breakdown of each and every matchup.

We also talk about the Cowboys firing Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan, and the future of the franchise.

Finally, we discuss the fact that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons did not get into the MLB Hall Of Fame.

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"In the early days of Deep Dish Sports when you were just getting this podcast up and running, I was always your guest, in order to get a guest you would have to come to me.  But now word is spreading, Fred Albers, Jon Teicher, Russ Bradburd, you're getting all of these A list El Paso sports list guests.  You forget about your old buddy.  But good to be back with you my friend."

"If Geroge Allen, Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, and every great defensive mind rolled into one could coach a team, if you don't have a good pass rush you're going to get torched, that's just the way it is."