One of my favorite things about the NBA's all star weekend was the Slam Dunk Contest.  I remember the great duels I saw between Michael Jordan and Dominique  Wilkins. I even remember when Spud Webb, Vince Carter, Kenny "Sky" Walker and Kobe Bryant winning the contest. Those were the good old day.

These days the Slam Dunk Contest has become boring, mainly because of the competitors. The past couple of years when you've watched I'm sure you've asked yourself "Who's that guy?"

Well the NBA is trying to change that this year. They've announced the players that will be competing in this year's Slam Dunk Contest

Portland's Damian Lillard, the reigning Rookie of the Year and a first-time Western Conference All-Star will be in the contest.  Indiana's Paul George and Washington's John Wall also will take part in the night's marquee event Feb. 15. There haven't been three All-Stars in the dunk contest since the famed 1988 duel, when Michael Jordan beat Dominique Wilkins on his home floor in Chicago, in a field that also included Clyde Drexler.

The remainder of the dunk field is defending champion Terrence Ross of Toronto, Golden State's Harrison Barnes and rookie Ben McLemore of Sacramento.

You will be able to listen to the Slam Dunk Contest on Team 600 ESPN EL Paso on Saturday Feb. 15th at 7 pm.