I know that many basketball fans made up their mind about LeBron James after his "decision" to leave Cleveland for South Beach, but the NBA superstar has done nothing to further vilify himself. In fact, "The King" seems like a good guy and even had some fun with a fan on Saturday night. 50-year old computer technician Michael Drysch made an impossible hook shot from half court at Miami's American Airlines arena and won himself $75,000. The best part of the night for him came when he was bear-hugged and tackled to the court by James. In case you missed it, here's the video.

Later that night, Drysch continued to celebrate with a party thrown by Heat owner Mickey Arison and featuring popular Miami DJ Irie. What a night for a fan who is now $75K richer (actually $53K richer after the $22K in taxes he will have to pay).