So after serving a one-game suspension for being a multiple offender of illegal hits to the head, Brandon Meriweather is now saying that he will have to, "end players' career, take out their knees, tear their ACLs, go low."  That is a pathetic excuse for putting opposing players' well-being at risk.

Either all of his coaches he's played for never properly taught him the fundamentals of hitting and tackling or Meriweather is simply a dirty player who is a threat to end or shorten offensive players' careers-- and, more importantly, affect their lives in the long-term.  Does he not realize that right way to hit and tackle an opposing player is to hit them right on the chest and then you wrap them up with your arms and take them down.

By doing this, he not only follows the rules but he also doesn't risk anyone else's well-being.  Instead, he wants to avoid fines and suspensions for causing concussions and, as we now know full well, severe brain trauma by going for another players' knees.  In either case, Meriweather is endangering opposing players' long-term health.

The National Football League or league owners-- starting with Dan Snyder in Washington-- should remove this clearly dangerous player from the league all together.  While NFL players get paid a lot of money to do what they do, it doesn't mean that someone should be allowed to endanger their livelihood week in and week out.

I don't care if he remains a headhunter or if he decides to "take out their knees," Brandon Meriweather is a dirty player who refuses to play by the rules.  Playing the NFL (or any professional sports league) is a privilege that is afforded to a very small select few people in the world.  In my opinion, Meriweather has lost that privilege and shouldn't be allowed to set foot in an NFL stadium as a player ever again.

There have been other players that had "complained" in the past about the enforcement by the NFL for illegal hits to the head-- James Harrison was the loudest of those players-- but once these players understood the rules and purpose for the rules they adjusted their style of play to fit these rules.   Harrison himself, even after all his public spats with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, adjusted his style of play and stopped trying to launch himself at players with his helmet.  Harrison began playing hitting and tackling fundamentally better in my view.

So to Meriweather I say this, either go back to playing fundamentally-sound football or get out of the league.  If you can't do your job right and you're ways threaten the short-term and long-term well-being and livelihood of others, you should no longer have the privilege to do that job.