ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A lawsuit says the wife of New Mexico basketball coach Craig Neal attacked a school administrator and Albuquerque's school superintendent didn't do enough to prevent it.

According to the lawsuit filed by former Eldorado High School assistant principal Susan Stanojevic this month, Janet Neal assaulted Stanojevic following a boys' high school basketball game in Albuquerque.

The lawsuit says Neal grabbed Stanojevic by her arm and physically jerked her around because Neal was upset that Stanojevic reported her for cursing at the refs at a previous game. Neal's son played for Eldorado.

Stanojevic says she was forced from her job as a result of the attack.

Neal's attorney denied the allegations.

Albuquerque Superintendent Winston Brooks says after the altercation Neal was required to sit with a school police officer at a subsequent game.