OK. I have laid off this guy long enough but last night's Tweets sent me over the edge.

What in the world is Johnny Manziel thinking and why is he still tweeting? More importantly, why is his family and A&M allowing him to communicate with people and continue to tweet?

I miss the days of the silent Manziel. The media and the Heisman created a monster and a complete PR nightmare that is now known as "Johnny Football".

Manziel posted this beauty late last night and it was quickly deleted.

(Courtesy of Twitter)








Really Johnny? You can't wait to leave? What, College Station to small?? For your HEAD??


Then he tried to make a quick recovery with this beauty.

(Courtesy of Twitter)







Go back to just playing football, Johnny. Your life this year will be a lot easier if you don't back up last year's performance if you do.

And we won't have to hear about this stuff anymore. Which would be nice.