One week after receiving a $55 parking ticket for illegally parking my 2005 Acura TL in the "Media Zone" across from Southwest University Park, I won my hearing to contest the violation. Although my parking ticket was dismissed, I am still confused about the select Media spots in front of the ballpark.

Before I get to that, here is what happened at my hearing. I hustled over to 810 East Overland and waited for my turn to speak in my defense. Although I was hoping that Officer Santiago would be there so I could meet her, she was a no show. Instead, Agustine, one of my regular listeners, was there to support me. After my case was heard, I was told that the ticket would be dismissed. Despite having my Media parking pass on my windshield, I was told that I would need another Media badge, this time from the city, if I wanted to park in front of the ballpark in the future. Now, here is where it gets a little crazy.

When the Chihuahuas moved over to their new stadium, some of the working media, including myself were given a parking pass to the Union Plaza parking garage. However, we were told by the team that we would be able to park in the four or five designated media spaces in front of Southwest University Park as long as the television trucks were not occupying the spaces. During games, I have no problem parking in the garage and actually like the covered space. However, when I went to interview Chihuahuas manager Pat Murphy last week four hours before game time and was told by the team's parking attendant that it would be fine to park in one of the media spaces, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that a City Parking Attendant would nail me with a $55 ticket because I was doing my job.

Here I am, feeling vindicated and wearing my Keitha Adams special T-Shirt after winning my parking ticket appeal. (Photo courtesy of Agustine Pimentel)

At the ticket hearing today, I was told that the city actually owns those valuable media parking spaces and I would need to apply for a special City of El Paso Media parking badge for my car if I wanted to park there in the future. Of course when I went to City Hall after my hearing, their Public Relations Office (who handles these Media badges) told me that the Chihuahuas own those spaces and not the city. I left more confused than ever, and still have no idea who should park there without getting a ticket. The only lesson that could come out of this ordeal is that I either need to get my car wrapped with 600 ESPN El Paso decals, or I better park where it's the garage!