My operations manager, Kevin Vargas is a hockey junkie. He is also not too fond of soccer. Unfortunately, the Stanley Cup Finals ended last night after a thrilling double overtime game. In fact, three of the five games between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings went into overtime. Even though hockey season is over, Kevin compiled a list of five reasons why hockey is better than soccer and then posted to his Facebook account. Since many of you are probably not Facebook friends with him, I thought I would share the list anyway.

(Harry How, Getty Images)

5 Reasons HOCKEY is better than Foot-Soccer-Ball

1. A fresh sheet of ice smells substantially better than a sweaty deodorant-free-culture soccer crowd.
2. Someone gets fouled they throw down, not throw a tantrum.
3. You mispronounce a challenging hockey player's name and people laugh with you poking fun at the funny named French Canadians. Screw up a soccer player’s name and people act like you're an insensitive racist.
4. Even a 1-0 defensive struggle has lots of offense excitement.
5. NO vuvuzelas!