NFL players, coaches, and analysts love talking about dividing the season into four quarters of four games.  Now that the first quarter is in the books, I decided to write down the first thought that popped into my mind about every team.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are starting to fire on all cylinders. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)


  1. Patriots- Starting to fire on all cylinders.  Where do they find these guys? (Brandon Bolden)
  2. Jets- TEBOW!  TEBOW!  TEBOW!
  3. Bills- Average at best
  4. Dolphins- Surprisingly competitive.  Joe Philbin is more competent than the editors of "Hard Knocks" led us to believe


  1. Ravens- Super Bowl contenders.
  2. Bengals- Wild card.  Pass eye ball test.  Getting better weekly.
  3. Steelers- Defense constantly straddles fine line between veteran and old.
  4. Browns- Need.Receivers.Bad


  1. Texans- Best team in the NFL???
  2. Colts- It will be fun to chart Andrew Luck's progress.  Wish Chuck Pagano a speedy recovery.
  3. Jaguars- They are an NFL team.
  4. Titans- It will be tough for the organization to part ways with Mike Munchak.


  1. Chargers- In Norv we don't trust
  2. Broncos- Trending in the right direction.  Peyton took "noodle arm" comments personally.
  3. Raiders- Don't travel well.  Need identity.
  4. Chiefs- Lousy.  Romeo and Cassel's days are numbered


  1. Eagles- Sloppy, disjointed, talented........3-1.
  2. Cowboys- Here we go again.  Gotta get healthy.
  3. Redskins- Exciting.  RG3 is fun to watch.
  4. Giants- Let them be.  Eli and D-line will figure it out.


  1. Vikings- Grinders.  Depending on luck and bounces could be 10-6 or 6-10.
  2. Bears- Tough.  Give Cutler time and he and Marshall will destroy you.
  3. Packers- Seem primed for a big run.
  4. Lions- At least they don't play in Dallas.


  1. Falcons- Super Bowl contenders.
  2. Buccaneers- Young, energetic.  Too predictable on offense.
  3. Panthers- Inconsistent.  Hard luck losers.
  4. Saints- Best 0-4 team EVER!!!


  1. Cardinals- Point differential don't lie, dawg!
  2. 49ers- Physical.  Super Bowl contenders.
  3. Seahawks- Inspired at home, average on the road.
  4. Rams- Can compete.  Should stay the course with Jeff Fisher.