If anyone was ever wondering if or when an openly gay football player would ever come out, the wait is over.  Michael Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, defensive end for Missouri and First Team All-America, has officially come out as an openly gay football player.

He is clearly has a great chance in the NFL-- he is considered a top future prospect of the NFL and potential high draft pick.  Most people wondered what the reaction would be once a gay player came out in the most popular sport of our country.  Well, I for one, expect an extremely strong, positive reaction from the vast majority of people involved with the sport.  Sure there will be a select group of players that will say some pretty bigoted statements, but they will quickly find that they are in the minority and might find that whatever popularity they had, will quickly diminish.

Clearly Michael Sam can play the game, and I do believe that he will help some team win.  Given his credentials, if he can help your team, why wouldn't a team draft him?  If there is a team that doesn't take him simply because of his sexuality, then that team will be making a humongous mistake letting Sam's kind of talent slip by.