People often anecdotally say the Dallas Cowboys are a polarizing team; you either love them or hate them.  The results from a recent national survey back that claim up.

Public Policy Polling administered an NFL based survey to 700 different people on a variety of topics.  P.P.P. asked participants to choose their favorite and least favorite team.  The list included nine NFL franchises.


Dallas Cowboys 12%

Green Bay Packers 12%

Chicago Bears 10% 

Denver Broncos 10%

New York Giants 8%

Pittsburgh Steelers 8%

New Orleans Saints 5%

Washington Redskins 4%

Someone else/Not sure 25%


Dallas Cowboys 18%

Chicago Bears 11%

New England Patriots 10%

Denver Broncos 8%

Pittsburgh Steelers 7%

Washington Redskins 5%

Green Bay Packers 4%

New York Giants 4%

New Orleans Saints 4%

Some other team/Not sure 29%

When pitted head-to-head 50% of respondents say they like the Packers more than the Cowboys.

Check out the full results here.