I guess the powers that be at the "Mothership" got a little worried about what the new FOXSports1 channel was going to do for business or maybe they were worried about all the networks.

Along with FOX Sports, the other Networks of NBC Sports and CBS Sports have made new moves when it comes to programing and changing things up.

So in what looks like a way to "one up" the other Networks, ESPN has a new SportsCenter set that is absolutely crazy.

Now I understand that this facelift for a show that hasn't had one in years was needed but this is almost a midlife crisis kind of deal. Maybe even a touch of "we have the money so we are going to show you how much" thing. Or maybe they are afraid of losing market share to the other Networks. Who knows what goes on at Bristol.

Either way, the set doesn't really look that bad but in my opinion it is just a little over the top.

Because of Twitter and the way ESPN tells YOU what THEY think you should watch and doesn't just do the highlights anymore, in the end it doesn't matter to me, I still won't be watching.


(Courtesy of YouTube)