The El Paso Rhinos hockey team celebrated their win over Texas Jr. Brahmas by jamming out to a boy band hit. Don't laugh because they probably will beat that smile off your face.

It takes some guts for any guy to openly jam out to a boy band song. Many guys know the lyrics to the Backstreet Boy hit, " I Want It That Way" but will deny it till their death. The Rhinos aren't afraid to show off their singing and dance moves in this locker room performance.

You see a couple of their team members sitting there laughing or freaking out but that doesn't phase this group performance. I think they should have went with a NSYNC song because watching the dance moves to "Bye,Bye, Bye" would be priceless.

I say we all start a petition for the El Paso Rhinos to perform for the first El Paso Chihuahuas game. It will probably help them sell out the game! GO RHINOS!