I found these guys on youtube having a little fun downtown!

We’re about to have a TON of fun downtown with the El Paso Downtown Street Festival!!  Tons of bands, all kinds of live music, car and motorcycle shows … the Batman is even coming!  Well his rides are anyway; you’ll have a chance to check out ‘The Tumbler’ and The ‘Bat Pod’ up close!

Plus the rock (Saliva, Kansas, Filter, Blue Oyster Cult, Candlebox and Theory Of A Deadman!), the all food and the brew!  There will even be a huge fireworks show … BOTH nights!!

Get your tix at 7-11 Fina locations in El Paso and/or Pik Kwiks in Las Cruces.

If the 2 guys in the video can have that much fun getting their parkour on downtown; imagine what it’s going to be like when we ALL get down there!!