There are those rare moments in broadcasting when a sportscaster slips up and says something he or she did not mean. Former NFL Today personality, the late Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder immediately comes to mind. There are other times when the wrong word just accidentally comes out of their mouth. In the case of Jack Harry, his on-air flub has most of Kansas and Missouri talking. The controversial word was uttered Sunday night on KSHB-TV, the NBC affiliate in Kansas City. Harry, who is the sports director at KSHB and described by some as a Missouri kiss-ass artist, apparently had a tough time with the word Jayhawks when discussing the team with sports anchor Fran Boal.

The big debate is whether or not Harry said "Gayhawks" when referring to the Jayhawks. The following night, Harry appeared on television to clear up any misunderstanding about his on-air remark from Sunday night.

Looking at Harry's bio on the KSHB website, he has spent the last 40 years covering sports in the Kansas City area and is a broadcast icon in the area. He also received the the 2009 Diversity Advocate in Sports from the Olathe chapter of the NAACP. Just don't expect KU to honor him at halftime of an upcoming basketball game.