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Wisconsin Man Kicked out of ‘All You Can Eat’ Fish Fry
Anytime a fat man gets kicked out of an 'all you can eat' establishment it's going to go viral.  That is precisely what happened to Wisconsin native Bill Wisth.  Wisth is a big boy.  He goes 6'6" and tips the scales at 350 lbs.
Wisth was enjoying what he th…
Guy Tries Out to Be Denver Broncos Cheerleader [VIDEO]
Sacha Heppell admits it -- he used to have a job standing on street corners as a business mascot. To make people notice him, he started dancing. Now he wants to be in the big-time. Broadway? Vegas? The cast of "Glee"? Nope. Denver Broncos cheerleader...Hey, a dream has to start som…
Cromartie Nixes Kids’ Reality TV Show
The world first became aware of the Jets' Antonio Cromartie's many children during the 2010 season of 'Hard Knocks' on HBO.  People watched in shock and amazement as Cromartie famously struggled to list all of his children on camera.
At latest count, Cromartie has ten childre…

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