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Dallas Cowboys Fan Burns Her Butt and Sues Team
When Jerry Jones built Cowboys Stadium, he dreamed of the best experience possible for his sports fans. What he didn't anticipate was a lawsuit. Cowboys fan Jannelle Carrillo has sued her team claiming that she received severe burns to her buttocks prior to a scrimmage two years ago.
Olympic Officials Launch Inquiry About Non-Sanctioned Condoms
The Olympics have all kinds of corporate sponsors, and even the 150,000 condoms made available to athletes in anticipation of gold medal nookie were supplied by just one company: Durex, which presumably paid a hefty fee for the honors.
So when a bucket of non-sanctioned condoms showed up in the Olymp…
LeBron James Made Entirely of Balloons [VIDEO]
Eat your hearts out, balloon animal-makers. Meet Joel Zae, a man who truly deserves to be called a balloon sculptor, and watch this time-lapse video of him making his masterpiece -- a nearly full-size LeBron James made entirely of balloons. Puts your puny weiner dog to shame, doesn't it, Fluffy…

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