Weird News

Olympic Athlete Worked as an Escort
I was ready to hate on three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton about her recent admission of her work as a high class escort in Las Vegas, but only because she's married, and that's not cool. Then I found out that her husband knew about it -- wait, really? Everyone shut up.
NHL Lockout Causes Couples to Lock in, Like in the Sexy Way
In America, we traditionally see a jump in the NLMI (National Love Makin' Index) anytime there's a big blizzard or some other kind of catastrophic weather event that keeps us locked indoors with people who we are attracted to. (Mark our words, in eight months we there will be a bunch of New York bab…
Animal Feces Found on NFL Football Players’ Mouthguards
When it comes to putting things in our mouth, we don't get grossed out by a lot of stuff. Unless our ladies are a little funky downtown, then that's straight up gross. But other than that, we'll kick back with an ice cold bull testicle beer or down a cup of cat poop coffee with n…

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