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Takeru Kobayashi Eats Entire Pizza In One Minute [VIDEO]
There is no bigger party than the Super Bowl, and some party bros in the New York/New Jersey area decided to shell out $3,250 for Takeru Kobayashi to join them for the fun. What they received was another epic display of competitive eating when he devoured an entire Domino's pizza in one minute.
5-Year-Old Gets Pornographic Surprise on Nintendo 3DS
Mark Giles was definitely trying to score points with his son Braydon this Xmas, buying the kid a Nintendo 3DS for under the tree. The 3DS is pretty pricey, particularly because this model is equipped with a built-in camera feature, so Giles opted for a refurbished version from a local GameStop.
This Drunk Guy Wants His Mommy
Some pretty stupid (and wildly entertaining) stuff can go down when alcohol is involved, like going on an airport joyride while wasted. It's not the smartest thing to do, but it happens. There's also the embarrassing drunk scenarios, like the one with this dude from Florida.

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