LA Kings Ice Crew is Ice-Melting Hot
It would be hard to find a more beautiful member of the LA Kings ice crew than Taylor.  Here is a fantastic video of her posing on the beach and in a Kings jersey as well.  Start your day off right with this video of Taylor, who is smoking hot...
Goalie Scores On Himself In A Ridiculous Way
Talk about an embarrassing moment for an NHL goaltender.  I've heard of scoring an 'own goal' in soccer but this is ridiculous.  Check out this video of Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith as he helps the opposition here.
(courtesy of youtube)
Rhinos Cap Oilers With Shutout Win, 11-0
(EL PASO, TX) -- Peter Plesa and Brandon Edson each scored twice and new goaltender Oliver Gervais earned a shutout in his first game as the El Paso Rhinos dominated the Tulsa Junior Oilers, 11-0, Thursday night.
Amazing Sports Finishes (VIDEO)
Without question Auburn's miraculous 34-28 win over Alabama on Saturday was one of the most extraordinary finishes to any college football game in the history of the sport.  Sports are popular around the world for various reasons.  They are competitive, thrilling, and offer an overwhe…

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