Why Is My Neighbor Looking for Steve Sarkisian?
I was listening in on my neighbor, Fred, as he was making a phone call in his back yard yesterday.
Not listening by choice, mind you. At least not at first. Fred's voice was drowning out my weed-whacker.
"Hallo, is this the Orange County Rehab Center...
Blame Injuries, Mistakes for UTEP Loss, But Not the Weather
With apologies to their fans, if not Milli Vanilli, UTEP won't blame it on the rain.
Attrition and execution had much more to do with the Miners' 25-6 loss to UTSA than precipitation in a game delayed twice by lightning, as did a Roadrunners' team hungry for its first win after a bruta…
UTSA Doesn’t Think So, But Is UTEP It’s Biggest Rival?
Before UTSA's first-ever Conference USA game against UTEP in the Sun Bowl two years ago, the former KVIA-TV sports director had been talking with Roadrunners' officials about what I had thought would be -- should be -- a burgeoning rivalry between the two UT System schools.

Wildman said t…
Should Ryan Metz Be UTEP’s Starting QB?
Time spoils magic. The miraculous becomes illusion. The big moments get cut down to size. Give us hindsight; we’ll pick anything apart and, inevitably, discover the holes. It’s human nature.
But what if we already knew where the holes were and something special still happened...
Who Should Be Named UTEP’s Starting Quarterback?
Earlier today, the UTEP football team wrapped up its final scrimmage before their season opener at Arkansas on September 5th. Today's scrimmage was supposed to help head coach Sean Kugler make up his mind as to who would be his starting quarterback in two weeks against the Razorbacks...

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