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The Iceman Dominates His Competition At The Taste Of El Paso
A few days ago I was told that one of our listeners was going to win tickets to the Taste of El Paso and attempt to eat more than the Iceman.  The winner of the Iceman Challenge was Daniel Esquivel, aka "popcorn" on Twitter.  Daniel gave it his best shot to out eat the Iceman, but in the e…
More August VIP Winners Announced – Did You Win?
We gave away another huge bunch of prizes last month. Check out the names below and see if something is waiting for you! Too see each month's winners, check out the winner list.
Raelynn Morales
$10 Subway Gift Card
Lauren Valenzuela
Counting Crows Tickets
Roger Arreola
Counting Crows Tickets
Ashleigh Curry
Whoa Big Winners – See Who Won Prizes in June
We might've broken our record for number of prizes given out to you guys in June. Check to see if you're name is below. A prize might be waiting for you to claim it! Check out our contests section here for more chances to win. Contests end every Wednesday, so check often.

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