In basketball, is running naked through the streets, punching cars and assaulting women a regular or technical foul? Or will it just be jail time?  A former player at Fresno Pacific University is about to find out.

On Monday night, Leonard Young, was dismissed from the team for an unnamed violation of team policy. About an hour later teammates of Young’s reported that he had ransacked his own apartment and then ran outside naked. A short time later, police received calls about a naked man running in the street and pounding his fists on cars. Witnesses at a gas station also reported that the man assaulted two women, knocking one to the ground, and pounded his fists on the bullet-proof glass at the store.

As an officer arrived on the scene to apprehend the 6 foot, 170-pound student, Young approached him while he was getting his police dog out of the car. The officer pushed Young back, but he managed to get in the front seat of the car and put the vehicle in drive. The officer fought with Young, and the dog bit Young on the thigh.

Several officers then attempted to pull the man from the car and shot him with a Taser three times to try to loosen his grip on the steering wheel, to no avail.

We just checked the official rule book in regard to the ‘foul’ question. It’s neither a regular nor technical foul. It’s just plain stupid.

[Via USA Today]