The Canadian Football league had their champion game over the weekend.  But the best part was on Friday during their Legends Luncheon, which featured a fight between two 73-year-old former players; Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp.

While playing against one another during the 1963 Grey Cup, Mosca’s Tiger-Cats came away with a victory over Kapp’s BC Lions, however, many believed Hamilton’s win was largely the result of a cheap hit by Mosca that knocked Lions running back Willie Fleming out of the game.  A replay of the hit was shown during the luncheon.  That was followed by Kapp offering Mosca a flower in an effort to bury the hatchet, but rather then ending their feud, it only seemed to revive it as the two began swinging their fists and canes before eventually being broken apart.

The sad part is that Mosca is a former pro wrestler (that wrestled under the name King King Mosca) and should have used his cane as a weapon.